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Dukascopy has significantly modified the Trader Contest.

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Dear Trader, There are exciting news regarding Trader contest: Dukascopy has dramatically modified the Trader contest rules. The new rules are simpler and more interesting for participants and followers!

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First of all, forex bank end account new rating calculation scheme has been introduced: According to the new rules, importance of trading performance has been significantly increased. The complex system of Dukascopy points has been transformed to a transparent "Order quality" category — the more pending orders, the higher the score!

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Secondly, the new Popularity now depends on the number of subscribers from Social Trading contest. Attract more subscribers and increase your popularity by showing proper trading!

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Thirdly, according to the new rulescommenting trades is not obligatory any more. Traders are encouraged to keep record of their trading in Trader Blog. Each commented day will be awarded at the end of the month!

 Бастион рухнул! - крикнул техник, сидевший в задней части комнаты.

Be careful — poor quality, SPAM and off-topic will minus the points. Other traders will help to detect it.

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Never miss an opportunity to trade! Android and iOS platforms are available for trading in the Contest.

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So grab a mobile device and score those green pips anywhere, anytime! Attention: Participating in Trader contest automatically means participating in Signal Provider Grand Prix with additional prizes!

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Consistently show great results in Trader contest and become the Trader of the Year! The title and 5, USD prize goes to the trader who has been showing the highest profitability for the last 12 months in the Signal Provider Grand Prix contest.

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There are several prize nominations for best long-term traders! Don't lose the chance to be listed among the best! It is still not too late to register for Trader contest in December!

Kind regards, Dukascopy Team.