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The ancients called it Campania Felix because of its natural beauties, mild climate, archaelogical remains, artistic wealth, cooking heritage, wanted home work nocera inferiore and traditional dances. It stretches along the Tyrrhenian Sea and boasts wonderful places: from the islands of Capri and Ischia in the Bay of Naples to the Sorrentine Peninsula and the Amalfi coast, from Cilento to the Domitian Coast; with the provinces of Naples the regional capital Caserta, Benevento, Avellino and Salerno.

Much of its scenary is safeguarded within protected parks and lots of Nature reserves which characterise Campania, from the Matese to the park of Monti Picentini, from the Vesuvius to the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano.

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The contact with the past is a daily experience in this region because it is full of monuments and archaeological parks, among which the unique Pompeii, Herculaneum, Stabia and Oplontis with their ancient villas; Cuma, the Phlegrean Fields with Rione Terra in Pozzuoli, the largest urban archaelogical park in Europe, the underwater city of Baia and the archaeological park of Conza.

Going down the region there are the Temples of Paestum, the archaelogical park of Velia, surrounded by a national park and the gorgeous Royal Palace at Caserta.

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Campania is famous for its baths: 29 mineral water springs, from Ischia to Telese and Contursi, make it the fifth among the regions possessing spa centres in Italy. Along the coast One of the most famous tourist destinations is the Sorrentine Peninsula which almost touches the island of Capri the most desired island throughout the world with its Palazzo Cerio, the Certosa of S.

Another well known spot for international tourism is the isle of Ischia, the green island founded by the Greeks offers a variety of landscapes, museums, famous villas and miracolous thermal baths. The Sorrento Coast is high and rocky, with limestone cliffs that crumble into the sea and rocky shores.

Art and tradition characterise the beautiful towns along the coast, the most famous of which is Sorrento. It rises on a cliff over the sea and preserves Renaissance and Baroque architecture.

Near Sorrento there is the pictoresque Vico Equense, famous for the thermal baths. The tortuos coastal road is one of the marvels of Italian scenary; following the road to Positano, curve after curve, beautiful views of the Gulf of Naples, Vesuvius and Capri can be enjoyed.

Set between the mountains and blue sea, Positano looks like a huge nativity scene. The houses are characterised by arched porticos onto the sea, painted in pastel colours, it is not by chance that it is called the gem of the Divine Coast.

It stretches between the Sorrentine Peninsula and the Gulf of Salerno. The scenary is characterised by mighty cliffs dropping into the sea, bays, coves like the Emerald Grotto at Conca dei Marini and the Fiordo Fjord of Furore. Wonderful and very unique fisherman s villages or small towns dot the Coast: Amalfi, with its Duomo and Valley of the Mills; Ravello, a gem of elegance, rich in artistic and natural beauties; Maiori; Minori; Wanted home work nocera inferiore Erchie and Vietri the door of the Coastfamous all over the world for its ceramics industries and the Ceramic Museum in Raito.

Vietri is just a few minutes from Salerno, the largest province city in Campania region.

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Salerno is only ten minutes by train from Nocera Inferiore, which is in a strategic position to visit all the beauties in the region. Extended on the plain of the Sarno river, between the chains of the Lattari and Picentini Mountains, the Agro boasts an extension of only square km and a population of about inhabitants. Therefore, the Agro appears as a compact territory, open to traffic and united by an ancient common history.

The river floodsand, the rains of the Vesuvian ashes have made the earth particularly fertile. For more than two milion years this countryside has produced vegetables and fruits of extraordinary tastes. It would be enough to quote the "San Marzano" tomato, famous all over the world and recognized by illustrious scientist as highly valued in the care and in the prevention of a lot of illnesses.

Few geographical realities, in Italy, allow to be reached from whatever cardinal point. This connotation has allowed the fusion of foreign ethnic groups.

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Interventions, and investments have improved wanted home work nocera inferiore good road net to a suitable net of communications to Salerno, Naples and the Interporto road-rail distribution hub of Nola only 15 kilometers. There are a great number of trendvonalak hogyan kell felépíteni and artistic testimonies.

Nuceria Alfaterna, founded around the middle of the VI century B. The Monumental Necropolis of Pizzone characterized by magnificent funeral mausoleums of republican and imperial age, the Hellenistic- Roman Theatre of Pareti one of the greatest buildings of ancient Campaniathe colossal Roman Amphitheatre, in the Grotti resort still buried under layers of mud.

In wanted home work nocera inferiore the Municipalities that compose the Ager, the archeological and historical. The sphere of the sacred also has its places of cult from the papal Basilica of Sant'Alfonso Maria de' Liguori in Pagani to Materdomini in Nocera Superiore 4 folkloristic and devotional attractionto the cathedral of San Prisco in Vescovado Nocera Inferiore where the wonderful fresco of the Heaven by Angelo and Francesco Solimena is preserved.

This work of art is considered by the critics housed the most beautiful "sottinsů" upsidedown of the Neapolitan Baroque.

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Nocera Inferiore is in province of Salerno, a fashinating synthesis of what the Mediterranean can offer. Salerno is a nice city, ready to wanted home work nocera inferiore visitors from all over the world.

This province is the largest in Campania. Together with the Amalfi Coast, the archaeological areas of Paestum and the uncontaminated Cilento with silent and welcoming sea towns like Agropoli, Ascea, Palinuro, it also includes the high plains crossed by the Sele River and the preserved area Vallo di Diano.

wanted home work nocera inferiore

The history of the Municipality of Nocera Inferiore is tightly tied to the territory of Nuceria Alfaterna. The French decade marked the division of the territory of Nocera dei Pagani with wanted home work nocera inferiore birth of five Municipalities. Born as second section of the borbonic railroads, the Nocera Inferiore railway station was for a long time the last stop for all the travellers of the Grand Tour, who went to Paestum or on the divine Costiera Amalfitana.

Between two important motorway arteries, today Nocera keeps on representing an important industrial and commercial pole in the district of the whole Agro Nocerino Sarnese. Around the X century it was built around the hill of Fienga Castle Park, a firmitate nova that, in a act, was indicated as the Civitas Nuceriae or the city which saw its rebirth a few centuries after the fall of the ancient Roman settlement.

The French decade marked the division of the territory of Nocera dei Pagani with the rise of five Municipalities. Born as second section of the borbonic railroads, the Nocera Inferiore railway station was for a long time the last stop for all the Grand Tour travellers, who went to Paestum or to the divine Amalfitan Coast. Between two important motorways, today Nocera keeps on representing an important industrial and commercial pole in the district of the whole Agro Nocerino Sarnese.

To visit: Fienga Castle and Park The structure of the castle is surrounded by three walls and at the top of them a Norman-Svevian pentagonal tower was built.

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Traces of 5 medieval frescos, representing saints, are visible into a small chapel. From the original plan, remain structures like the Royal cavalry or the room of the Giants where the Angioini Royal family held the hearings. Interesting are the double lancet windows on the western side of the great countryard where probably were located the main apartments.

At the top of the hill of the Park another historical building was built between the XIX and the XX century forex fineco befektetése it took the name of Fienga Palace from the last owners who had lived there. Church and monastery of St. Anna, founded aroundas the bishop Petro di Capaccio wanted, the monastery houses a Dominican monastic community.

Sanctuary of St. Maria dei Miracoli The rocky sanctuary bound to the olivetan benedictine fathers, keresni bitcoinokat online on half coast of Mount Albino, dates back to The church was widened in by the Nocerin aristrocatic Giovan Battista Castaldo who embellished it with works of art among which the very famous Madonna D'Alba, by Raffaello Sanzio, today preserved at the National Gallery af art in Washington.

Located on the borders of Nocera Inferiore and Pagani, and inhabitad by the order of Clarisse nuns since the foundation at the end of the XIII century, it was completed in The facade of the building is singlespired.

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Inside the church the first chapel on the right side is dedicated to Saint Chiara, the second one to the Madonna called "dark": according to the legend, inshe moved her eyes and her hands and since then she has miracoulosy healed many sick people. On the polychrome marble altar there is a painting of the Vergine Annunziata by an unknown author of the first half of Church and convent of St. Antonio The building represents an interestingt expression of Gothic architecture in southern Italy, with Renaissance and neoclassic remaking.

wanted home work nocera inferiore

Francesco, was built in The monastery, suppressed inhas been reoccupied by the monks in It houses a library that consists of over volumes, ''cinquecentine'' and rare manuscripts. On the lower floor, since there has been the Museo Archeologico Provinciale of the Agro Nocerino, where it is possible to admire a wonderful marmoreal Athena of imperial age and an ikon of bucchero bearing an inscription in osco alphabet, so-called ''nocerino''.

On the upper floor there is a rich picture-gallery with important pictorial works of the sixteenth century, among which a Madonna with Bambino by Pietro Negroni. Cathedral of St. Prisco The façade and the current structure dates back to the Baroque age. Excavation have recently shown the colonnade of the original church.

Valuable are the painting with St. Marco on the altar and the fresco of the Heaven by Angelo and Francesco Solimena. The key to the fortune of its gastronomy is the combination between simplicity and taste, it is able to speak a universal language.

The Cuisine in Campania Despite its rich farmland and access to ports for fresh seafood, the cuisine s claim to fame is the wide selection of street food, which may be baked, fried, grilled or even frozen. These treats are generally hand held and are available at shops or along the streets and made from inexpensive, fresh ingredients.

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Pizza and pasta, cooked from the local wheat, make the region s recipes famous throughout the world. Genuine pizza, the most famous hand held food, is usually either pizza marinara, topped with tomato, garlic and oil, or pizza margherita with tomato, basil and mozzarella.

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Pasta has plenty of shapes in the region. Most are familiar, such as spaghetti, maccheroni, fusilli and ziti.

wanted home work nocera inferiore